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North Decatur Jr-Sr High School

MON - February 25th @ 1:00 PM
Tim Weaver
(317) 398-4722


  Job is tax exempt

Please make note of: Bid form (alternates + unit prices) and the background check policy for this job. 

Be sure to send all bid information/questions to tweaver@runnebohm.com 

Addendum Files

File Name Notes/Description Uploaded
N. High Addendum 3.pdf Addendum #3 2/20/2019
N. High Drawings - Addendum 2.pdf Drawings Per Addendum #2 2/18/2019
N. High Addendum 2.pdf Addendum #2 2/18/2019
N. High Scool Addendum #1.pdf Addendum #1 2/12/2019
Drawings Per Addendum #1.pdf Drawings per addendum #1 2/12/2019

Specifications Files

File Name Notes/Description Uploaded
Submittal Report - Expected.pdf Expected Submittal Report per Addendum #1 2/12/2019
N Dec HS Bid Form.pdf Updated Per Addendum #1 Bid Form: Note alternates + unit prices 2/12/2019
N Dec HS BG Check.pdf Background Check Notice 2/6/2019
Decatur Memo.docx Bidders Memo 2/6/2019
North Decatur Jr-Sr High School 2019.1.28 13.pdf Project Manual 2/4/2019

Plan Files

File Name Notes/Description Uploaded
Bid Set Pt 2.pdf Updated per Addendum #2 2/18/2019
Bid Set Pt 1.pdf Updated Per Addendum #2 2/18/2019

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